Who am I?

I’m a certified Skills For Change coach and bodyworker. I draw from a diverse range of tools and I’m informed by radical lineages about power, change, and somatic practices. I speak from a place of embodied experience. I practice the skills I teach in my own life everyday.

In order to design a life in alignment with my own values, I’ve observed my patterns, keeping the ones I like and letting go of what no longer serves me. This process has been slow at times and lightning-fast at others. Naming what makes me happy and asking for 100% of what I want has been key to creating sustainable life-supporting habits.

I’m also a spiritual alchemist, inspired by the transmutational experiments of the alchemists of the past who sought to turn lead into gold. Using the metaphor of transforming metals, I seek to liberate the soul from the layers of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that prevent one from recognizing the true nature of their being. 

I love working collaboratively and holding space for others. Together, you and I can discern what’s true, what’s not true, and what’s also true about the stories you tell yourself, and then reframe them into nondual, life-affirming beliefs that become embodied through practice. We'll find the tools and develop the skills that will energize the changes you want to make in your life so that you may be the gold you always, already are.

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