For our appetites (instagram ad)

A series of recipes for the foodies out there...

#1: Garlicky Mac n Cheese with oyster mushroom
#2: Brussels and Cauliflower Orecchiette
#3: Cod with Green Curry
#4: Chocolate chip cookies

The Beauty of Eating Local (web Ad)

It's so fresh and local! 

Documentary and Narrative projects

Some clips from two documentary projects and three narrative projects.

Sun shines

I find the alchemy of the sun and the clouds against the backdrop of the sky to be of such vibrant beauty.

The Masters at West 3rd: Handball 

Web content about the comings and goings in the West Village of NYC

The Fragrance of Radical Activism 

Another way to imagine this is how one candle can light hundreds of candles, and those hundreds of candles can light thousands of candles. Sometimes, though, there must be an external energetic force that gets the candle to light.

Candles require connection and bonding in order to light, and it’s a quiet act. The same goes for human beings. If we’re flailing around, unaware of our dominant voice, it’s a challenge to connect and light each other up. The transference of one’s fire and energy happens when there is a conscious decision to make space, allowing others to step up close.

I think each of us can be candles.

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