“Landscape is an incredible, mystical teacher, and when you begin to tune into its sacred presence, something shifts inside you.

-Walking in Wonder by John O'Donohue

Take a forest walk with me

A slow and mindful walk through the forest helps me return to my roots. I connect to my individual place within the Whole, to the people in my heart, and to my very own nature. Being in the forest environment is also a great opportunity to learn from the intelligence of Mother Nature. On our forest walk, you and I will encounter the world of other life forms and learn the important aspects of our own aliveness. We can find out how Mother Nature informs your resiliency and your adaptability. We can let Mother Nature remind you of who you are.

What a forest walk looks like

In the forest, I will guide you at a slow pace on easy, clear paths. We'll do some meditative and somatic practices to bring us into the present moment, into connection with our natural surroundings, and to awaken our senses. We'll take small breaks for creative expression, such as writing or drawing.  At the end of our walk, we'll have a tea ceremony to help transition out of the slow pace of nature, think about how you can integrate the insights into your daily life moving forward, and we can offer our gratitude to the forest.

Preparation for a forest walk

There are many types of inquiry available for forest walks, but here are three that I invite you to open up to in preparing for our session.

  • Open up to What Is: what is your relationship with being in your body in space and in consciousness?
  • Open up to intuition and guidance
  • Bring a specific anguish, longing or struggle (with a person, a dynamic, a decision) that you want the forest to support you through and with 

There is no right or wrong way to engage with the forest. If there’s something specific, please bring it with you. If not, we'll explore a combination of opening to “What Is” and opening to intuition and guidance.

Please note

A forest walk is for learning ways of feeling connected, inspired, healed, and nurtured by nature. It’s not a nature class for learning the names and ways of nature, nor a hike with the intent to exercise, nor a medical therapy session.

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